Martin, Maik, Andreas, and others,

I see two issues being raised in this thread:

1. Maik disagrees with the design philosophy behind Zope3 (the Component Architecture) and the place Zope3 wants to position itself at in the future. As a Zope developer who has spent the last two years both developing *with* Zope2 and developing Zope3 itself, I obviously have a different point of view about the technical part. Whether Zope3 will be success in its market niche is yet to be determined. If you fight, you can win the war; if you give up now, you've already lost the war.

Since this is more a philosophical issue, or even a matter of taste, I am not going to argue too much about it. I find the component architecture superior to anything we have seen before and we will soon have proofs that it is capable of industrial strength applications. Most other developers who are involved into development with or of CMF (such as the leading Plone developers) seem to share that point of view; in fact, we all can't hardly wait for Zope3 to hit stable.

2. Especially Andreas expressed his worries about the current release policy in Zope 2 and its future regarding maintainance and support. I have to say that I share some of his skepticism regarding Zope 2. I personally have never fully understood ZC's reasons for the release roadmap as it is. I might not see the big picture, but I know I would have done it differently. I've always tried to make that clear in the past. Coming up with harsh criticism now is not very fair, I think, especially when you're as in involved as Maik or Andreas.

Zope 2 development has opened for the community a lot in the past. While people were to extend Zope2 with more or less useful features (seemed to me that it was more than fixing bugs), all the administrative stuff got stuck with ZC. Did anyone from the community ever volunteer helping with the releases or the CVS administration?
In this matter, btw, the future painted in Zope3 is brighter: more community involvement, more innovations coming from the community and more administrative tasks taken up by volunteers. Not that I'm not suggesting that more help is needed...


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