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I would call the 2.6 branch "closed except for serious security bugs"; please don't check in new features or minor bugfixes there.

How come? and was this announced anywhere?

See the last topic in:

I don't see what harm applying minor bugfixes to any release branch could do...

- It is a well-established principle of software engineering that the most likely source of new bugs in mature code is fixes for old ones.

  - People who are still running 2.6 in production are demonstrably
    risk-averse (and often for good reason).  Adding non-critical fixes
    to the "mature" branch increases the amount of risk involved in
    upgrading production sites, which they typically won't do except to
    close major security vulnerabilities.

  - If something comes up which forces us to make a 2.6.5 release,
    keeping the diff from 2.6.4 as small as possible is a real goal
    for the release manager, who must communicate with the risk-averse

  - As a parallel, think about the kinds of changes you want to see
    *today* to the 2.2 Linux kernel:  if you are still running sites on
    2.2, you definitely don't want *any* non-essential fixes being
    backported there.

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