[Max M]
>>> Or perhaps an automated nightly Windows build.

[Stephan Richter]
>> We have talked about it many times before, but simply lack the
>> bandwidth. Maybe you could provide this for Cygwin?

[Max M]
> Argh ... that wasn't fair.
> Ok I will try and find some time to look into it.

A problem is that every platform has its own unique bag of miserable quirks.
Case in point:  before we released ZODB 3.3a3 last Friday (which is also the
ZODB in the current Zope2 and Zope3 CVS HEADs), I tried to run the ZODB/ZEO
test suite under Cygwin on WinXP Pro.  "Disaster" is a fair assessment --
every time the test framework tried to spawn a ZEO process, it died
instantly, with a Cygwin-specific message I didn't understand.  So you need
to be a real platform fan to get a "minority" platform to work; while I like
Cygwin well enough, I rarely use it, and don't have time or interest to
pursue it as a hobby.

Maybe this is (still) relevant to building Zope under Cygwin, maybe not:


What exactly is needed?  I routinely compile Zope2 and Zope3 HEAD on
Windows, using MSVC 6.  I can't make time to set up a fancy snapshot
procedure, but if all people want is (e.g.) a zip file containing the .pyd
files, uploading those once a week wouldn't be a significant time sink.

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