Jim Fulton wrote:
- The zope.org community site is a mess. Lots of outstanding problems are not fixed, the performance
of the site is more than poor (it takes ages to login, it takes ages to load pages),
usability (e.g. when you perform a software release) is bad.

Yes, that's a bad situation. We (meaning the Zope community) need to do something about this. Sigh.

Then maybe you (being Zope Corp) could remove the big barriers that some people perceive in the legal document you want them to sign? That appears to be what's killing help on Zope.org.

Me? I don't care, since i know it's neither in ZC's interest or my interest for anything to go to court, and even if it did, either side can find a lawyer who will tear that piece of paper to shreds to suite whichever side is paying him more... I just don't have any time ;-)


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