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putting this back on list, hope it's ok with you.

> Hello,
> I was once debugging an application which usually
> crashed after 2-3 days during load tests. It was
> doing a lot of database operations. The access
> was to a Microsoft SQL Server.
> There has been once a warning, that constantly
> creating and deleting CDatabase-Objects leeds to
> memory leaks. So the application had been written
> to reuse a given CDatabase object.
> The occasional crashes, shown to be somewhere in
> the ODBC code, were gone, when each Thread got back
> exactly his last CDatabase object in use.
> In this sense my definition of threadsafe is not
> always the way Microsoft sees it.
> Regards,
>           Martin

Thanks for the hint, but I won't use MFC in my code (portability).
I'm currently using unixODBC to get started and hope to be able to
preserve source code compatibility with MS's ODBC Driver Manager (and
eventually iODBC if needed).  If there are bugs in the platform code
then these will bother me not before some time from now because I'm
still wrapping all (or rather a subset of) those SQL... functions
which live in sql[ext].h.  Currently my own refcount leaks are much
worse than any driver manager's memory leaks could ever be ;-).



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