Casey Duncan wrote:
On a bright note, I think could change that. It *greatly*
lowers the bar on contributing

That is exactly the intent. We have needed this since the days of the ZDP.

> I see no reason why it being or not being on is relevant. Its a
> social thing: Simon decided to do something and had the software,

Not *just* social. I would say there seem to be social/structural/technical/perceptual reasons why such a thing simply cannot exist at ZC-managed right now. So, while would be the ideal url (and I tried to nudge in this direction for years without coming across as a zealot) I think there are actually some advantages to having a slightly separate docs site. More modular, scales better. Of course the more integration and interlinking the better.

Constructively-intended criticism: is the zope community's biggest documentation asset. And yet at this point it is indeed also a big fat piano sitting on the windpipe of zope documentation, and hence the zope community itself.

This is despite the best of intentions on all sides. To say (as Stephan has) that it's due to lack of volunteers is wrong. Many of us have tried. Perhaps ZC expects more from a volunteer than is realistic. Compare with other successful successful open source projects.

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