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I disagree that performance is a problem in Zope 2. With a combination of profiling to eliminate bottlenecks, ZEO, and Squid, Zope hums along beautifully. We are consulting for a company that is in the process of replacing their Java front-end with Zope. They have huge amounts of traffic, and are impressed with Zope's performance compared with their comparable Java system.

I've heard that a couple of times. But let's face it: Of course you can get Zope to deliver partly dynamic pages at high speed and if you use caching you can deliver pages at wire speed, but it will not be nearly as fast as a solution using Java or .NET/C# if we are talking about a lot of two-way traffic and CPU-intensive tasks in the back end, e.g. an online shopping mall, a booking system, or a groupware.

I have yet to see a comprehensive list of "official" (as in approved) things to consider when designing and building your application and then deploying it.

I am not trying to coerce anyone into doing this for me, I am just pointing out the situation. There are several docs that go thru different aspects, but they are scattered around the net, and there is no real, AFAIK, description of do's and don'ts related to Zope application desing.

I think these things should go into the manual perhaps. I will try to contribute to such an end - eventually a chapter on that might even become written ;-)

P.S. I don't agree with your pessimistic assessment of CMF, or Plone. They're both good at what they do.
I agree with you that Plone is quite impressive as it is now, but nobody will ever convince me that the CMF => Plone way was the right way to go ... Well, different people, different tastes ;-)

This is also something I have never been able to find any comprehensive document describing in som depth what the shortcomings of CMF and Plone.

Is there one?


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