Jim Fulton wrote:

FYI, there's a similar zip file now containing the same kind of thing for a
current Zope3 checkout (s/Zope2/Zope3/ in the URL).

If this is good enough for people trying to work from CVS on Windows, let me
know and I'll update them from time to time, and maybe move them to a saner
location. If it's not good enough, sorry, but I don't anticipate having
enough time to do more than this (which is just a trivial zip+upload step
beyond the builds I have to do anyway).

Thanks Tim.

Hi Guys,

Saw my name mentioned earlier but not sure whether Tim has solved the problem...

I'd be happy to set up a nightly (or weekly, let me know which would be better) scheduled task (see, it's Widnows, there is no Cron, although Schedules Tasks do have a much nicer UI ;-) ) that checked out he latest HEAD of Zope 3, compiled it and PUT it up to my Zope.org member area (I suspect the slowest part of this process will actually be uploading it to Zope.org - what's the plan to fix zope.org speed suckage? how about workflow suckage?)

Would it be helpful to get the nightly Windows tests running again? I stopped as a corollory of setting up my own company, but also because of lack of perceived support from people who could fix Windows problems and the lack of caring of developers who only developed for Linux and broke stuff on Windows... ahs any of that changed?

Anyway, look forward to hearing about it...


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