My plan has been to make zope.interface interfaces and Interface interfaces interoperate. Martijn Faassen has been complaining about this for a while, because, to use zope.interface and Interface together required a hard-to-install facade. If we drop the requirement to make the interfaces interoperate (e.g. extend one another, or be used in the same declarations), then, with a small change that Martijn has suggested, we can use zope.interface in Zope 2 without any other changes.

The Interface package isn't used very heavily in Zope 2.  When it is used,
it's used solely for documentation.  After further reflection, I don't really
see a compelling reason to endure pain to make Interface interfaces usable
for Zope 3 interface operations.

IOW: Martijn was right and I was wrong. :)

I propose to drop the dubious requirement for interoperability between
Interface and zope.interface.  I propose, instead, to add a requirement that
they be able to coexist.  This will require changing the name of an attribute
used internally by zope.interfaces. It will also allow us to simplify certain
aspects of the implementation in zope.interface that exists solely to support
Interface interfaces.


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