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> ...
> - The ZODBMountPoint product relies on a method of Connection objects
> named _getMountedConnection, which apparently no longer exists.

Connection objects never had such a method, but they still do <wink>.

> This breaks any mounted databases (which breaks dbtab, which breaks
> sessions, which breaks lots of other things).  Hopefully this is
> simple to fix, I haven't looked yet.

I expect Shane will look at this in a week or two (when he settles down from
moving) -- but can't know that.  There was some horrid patching going on in
ZODBMountPoint.py, which reached into various ZODB internals and replaced
them.  Jeremy refactored that, to make MountConnection a subclass of
Connection, and MountConnection._getMountedConnection() is still there.

There's still horrid patching going on, in that ZODBMountPoint.py reaches
into ZODB.DB.DB and forces it to create MountConnection connections instead
of Connection connections.  Perhaps this isn't being done "soon enough" in
whatever exactly it is you were trying.

It would probably make most sense to move some of this code into ZODB
(instead of replacing ZODB guts by magic).  I think Shane wants to do that.

I wish I could say it's peculiar that the Zope HEAD tests all pass despite
the problems you're finding.

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