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> ...
> I like the layouts Jim's presented (specifically #2 of 3), i think when
> considering the subversion docs, the important distinctions are made
> between the directories used for branches and tags, as long as that
> information is clearly communicated the semantics are exactly the same.
> the subversion docs themselves outline multiple repository structures
> (for example the single project layout),

Sorry, I haven't seen that.  The "Choosing a Repository Layout" section does
talk about many ways to organize repositories, like multiple repositories vs
one, and putting all projects in a repository at top level vs grouping them
into "related" subtrees.  But in all these cases, the only structure for a
project they discuss or illustrate has project/trunk, project/branches, and
project/tags structure.

> although they do recommend a standard structure, the docs go through
> great lengths to convey a semantic understanding of subversion as a
> versioned filesystem, not a magic functional notion as is common with
> cvs.  i honestly dont think anyone coming from/to a subversion system
> will have problems as long as the location of the trunk, tags, and
> branches directories for a project are clearly identifiable.

I haven't used svn, and I'm more concerned about people like me <wink>:  the
docs assume a specific project (not repository) layout throughout.  I'm not
interested in svn for its own sake, it's just something I'll need to do my
job.  The closer the docs match the system I have to work with, the easier
it will be to get started.

I can't say Jim's suggestions are bad, or good -- I can't judge them since I
haven't used svn (you?).  Going against the recommendation of the people who
designed and coded the system seems a dubious step on the face of it,

> quoting the svn docs.
> """
> Lay out your repository in whatever way you see fit. Subversion does not
> expect or enforce a layout schema-in its eyes, a directory is a
> directory is a directory. Ultimately, you should choose the repository
> arrangement that meets the needs of the people who work on the projects
> that live there.
> """

That's at the end of the "Choosing a Repository Layout" section.  As above,
that section discusses and shows nothing but "the standard" per-project
layout; the layout choices they do discuss in that section are the ones
mentioned above (how to organize projects in relation to each other, and in
relation to repositories).

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