Tomorrow, as planned. I'm going to move the main development branches for Zope 2, Zope 3, and ZODB to subversion. I will start the move at 10am US/Eastern time tomorrow. I plan to be done before 5pm US/Eastern time. During this time, I ask that no one make checkins to the CVS head for those projects. The first thing I will do is to tag the head with the tag: 'cvs-to-svn-conversion'. When I'm done, I will remove all files from the heads of the preojects in CVS, except README.txt files giving subversion access instructions.

Speaking of subversion instructions, I'll be sending some later today.

If you want to do writable subversion checkouts, you'll need to submit
a version 1.1 contributor's agreement (if you haven't already).

The contributor's agreement can be found at:

You can print and then send the filled out and signed agreement to us in
one of 3 ways:

- Ordinary mail to:

    Zope Corporation,
    513 Prince Edward Street
    Fredericksburg, VA, USA, 22401

- Fax to 1.703.995.0412

- Email a scanned form to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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