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What about threads on linux ? will binding a process to a CPU also mean all threads spawned by the process are also bound to the same processor ? I am not aware of linux support for binding threads to a CPU so I guess it does not matter .

For a full discussion of this and oter SMP issues, see this article on Zope org.

It is possible to do CPU-affinity on Linux, and nowadyas there are even userspace tools that do this.

CPU.-affinity is avilable in RH 3.0 per default, and the same tools are avialable as a set of patches for various kernel versions.

*In general, on an SMP box, Python processes MUST be bound to any one of the CPUs on a amchine* Not the same CPU, but each python process has to stay on the same CPU all the time.

As I understand it. the GIL is not a problem *at all* unless you happen to run on smp machines. There are ofcourse optimisations to when and where to relase the GIL, but in general python takes care of that all by itself.

ZEO won't save you from the GIL - ZEO will allow you to scale your Zope beyond the constraints of 1 singel zope process for serving the same content.

ZEO implements storage of the data Zope serves in one centralised location (the ZEO storage server) and allows several Zope processes (acting as ZEO clients) to serve/update the same content. These Zope processes can ofcourse be placed in a kluster, each ZEO client in a different machine.


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