>>> I think we'll have to develop a standard set of config file settings
>>> like that for committers to add to their personal svn configs --

[Lennart Regebro]
> Eh. WHAT!?! OK, that there are settings like these, but aren't they
> configured on the server?
> They are CLIENT side? That is very weird.

I first used svn last night -- I'm no expert.  AFAICT from staring at the
docs, these are client-side settings.  Someone who has administered svn for
a real project should pipe in.

For line translations, it appears that svn (and CVS) do that purely on the
client side, and that makes sense:  only the client knows which machine it's
running on, so only the client knows whether line ends need to be converted
(in both directions).  The big pragmatic difference is that CVS clients
always do line end translation by default; you have to do the -kb business
explicitly to make a CVS client not do line end translations.  svn defaults
to treating files as raw byte streams, and it appears an svn client will do
translation iff a file bears a "svn:eol-style native" property.  By the time
a new file gets to the server, it's in some (overly?) strict sense too late
to decide to fiddle its line ends (although I bet that would work fine in
practice -- but I don't see anything to suggest that svn supports it

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