Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
Tres Seaver wrote:

WRT DBTab: as of Zope 2.7, that product is obsolete: its functionality has been folded into Zope.Startup's processing of the config file.

We have to use DBTab atm because we are still using 2.6.2 in production and we haven't tested 2.7 yet for this particular application.

OK, no problem.

would it be safe to assuem that if we keep the number of monted databases below 15 or even 10, are we on the safe side?

I know of 2.6-based applications which use ~20-25 storages (but many of them stay "idle" most of the time). The obvious caveats apply.

BTW - we use DirectoryStorage and had to patch DBTab to make this work (that patch is pending more time to be finalised and released) - do we need to do the same with Zope 2.7?

The DirectoryStorage product will need to register a new schema component for Zope 2.7, to permit configuring DS-based storages within zope.conf.

I haven't looked at Zope 2.7 yet, so I haven't been able to determine for myself of much alike/different it is from DBTab in this regard.

The spirit is similar, but more declarative. See the schema:


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