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Subject: Re: Date based snapshots

> Dylan Jay wrote at 2004-5-3 15:57 +1000:
> >I have a requirement to be able to view an entire site as it was a
> >date including pictures etc. One way would be just to copy the site and
> >windback the data.fs. Is there some other way this could be done via a UI
> >sort of like a reverse Vesion object?
> I have a specialized connection that lets you see all objects
> as they have been at a given time -- provided this information
> is still there. It gives you a POSKeyError, when this is not the case.

This sounds like what I'm looking for. Does it work something like the
1. Enter date at a particular place
2. Cookie is set
3. You can browse whereever you like at it will be exactly as it was
Is it possible to have a look at the code?

> >Also, is there an alternative to compacting the ZODB such that all that
> >history could be archive offline but then reconnected when needed for
view a
> >snapshot?

Does anyone have an idea of how hard this would be to do? Basically what I'm
proposing is
1. Ability to mount two or more databases, each of which is the same DB just
at a different slice of time e.g. 1 week
2. Ability to slice a DB in half. The back half is essentially rolled back
and the front half is compacted so when joined they have the complete

This way if they wanted to view diffs of pages or the whole site at a
particular date then they just have use some admin interface to mount the
right time period from backup storage and then just use your tool above or
normal zope diffing. I think such a feature would be a real asset to zope in
the corporate/government environment

Dylan Jay
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