[Chris Withers]
> I feel compelled to scream "me too!" here. Closing a bug, even if
> anonymously or incompletely reported does not make Zope any better.
> See the recent case of a bug that was closed that was still an
> outstanding crash issue.  Thankfully Tim managed to rescue that one.

While that *should* be a good example, it isn't:  I only knew that bug
existed because someone closed it on Bug Day (and I'm subscribed to the
Collectors, and read the email they generate).  If that bug had been left
open, it would still be sitting there ignored.  OTOH, Dieter discovered the
same bug earlier this year, and it would have gotten fixed eventually
because of that, but not as quickly.

> How many other have we lost and are still suffering from as a result?!

Some bugs are so vaguely described nobody could guess -- and when they're
anonymous too, there's no effective way to get more info.  Those ought to be

On the Python bug tracker, I don't close vague bug reports instantly.
Instead I add a note, saying that unless more information is added, the bug
will be closed a month later.  It's rare that more info gets added then, so
they usually do get closed -- but it's more graceful when the OP does add
more info.

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