On Fri, 7 May 2004, Chris Withers wrote:

> Ken Manheimer wrote:
> > All the actions are verbs, "won't fix" is not a verb. 
> Do we have to be this pedantic?

I wasn't meaning to be pedeantic.  Sometimes inconsistencies in tense,
grammatical form, etc, can make a web form unbeably confusing - what's
right is not always clear.  Tim's identifying the question the users will
have in their minds - "what do you want to do with this report" - rang
true, and addressed my concerns.  I'm going to change the action to 

> > verb the more clearly indicates the result is "won't fix"? (While the
> > distinction between "refuse" and "reject" is subtle, "reject"  distinctly
> > implies to me a defect in the request, while refuse does not.) 
> Yeah, but refuse doesn't have any logical associate with the "won't fix" state 
> for me, so it's a very unintuitive name...

The fact that you couldn't find the intended action when you first looked 
is an indication that the action isn't very clear.  That said, sometimes 
the simplest clearest thing for one person isn't so for another, or is 
misleading (particularly to the chronically literal minded like me).  In 
this case, though, "wontfix" will probably be clear to everyone - if they 
can get past the smashing together of the two words.  I'd have to change 
other stuff to deal with a delimited pair of words, and don't want to mess 
with that if i can avoid it.


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