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Zope2 isn't maintained very well anymore due to limited ressources(bug fixes, documentation, see mail from Andreas), but Zope3 isn'tproduction ready at all. So if you talk to people making the decisionsin the IT-business they say: "Zope2 seems to be a dead horse, Zope3is just a child which learns to run...

Agree. Here is my point of view, as 'site manager'. We are creating
small sites for end-users, and we try to use Zope in many cases, recommending
this platform to end users.

Many customers refuse to use Zope because of one simple reason: they look at
http://www.zope.org web site, and then get back to us asking us how we
could recommend this product. In my opinion the most important fixes to
web site are:

- Web site (zope.org) is very slow, and contains outdated documentation,
links. Not well organized. Does not look professional way.I have no idea
why zope.org site is slow and dying, but if it is because
hardware or any kind of misconfiguration problem it must be fixed a.s.a.p.
Just tried to open home page of http://www.zope.org - my Opera shows 1 min 11 sec
to load. (compare, www.php.org loads in 5 seconds). This makes our customers
to make false decision that Zope is a way too slow. Most of customers
refused to work with Zope because they tell: "all sites we looked at seems
to be really slow".

- Look at "Zope powered sites":http://www.zope.org/Resources/ZopePowered/. At first
4 sites are not enought to convience any commercial customer. Even total
of 11 links found on the page is not enought. I suggest to have "submit a site"
form on this page so end users will submit their sites URLs and the list will be
growing. Inactive sites should be removed after some time.

- I do not understand the link to "Zope CMF" which leads me to http://cmf.zope.org/
and where I read "ATTENTION! ... Please don't add new content here...". What this
site is about, if it should not be used. Is Zope CMF dead? I see it is not, but
this link makes me confused.

- "Zope HowTos" contain all documents made in 1999. Most of people (including me)
will never read such old documents because most probably many things described
there are outdated.

- "Zope Development Guide" full of comments since 2002. This should be refactored
once a month, at least once a 3 months (I've seen the effort to rewrite ZDG
has been started).

- Bug tracking system (issue tracker) is not very comfortable to use. Better to use
bugzilla, foxbugs, even 'trac' project will be a way much better and easier
to use. And intruducing a better bug tracking could lead to better and faster
bug resolution.

So, I think zope.org needs good refactoring, but it seems there are no single
person working on the site constantly, only from time to time (like plone integration event). Does anyone have any suggestions how this could be fixed?

I can try to help, but as you have probably noticed I am not native English speaker, so my help with editing texts will not be very useful. But we can
try to find out the problem with hardware/software setup of zope.org to find
out why its slow. Possible we can install bugzilla or some other thing.

I just need to know if anybody else interested into better look of zope.org
site? And how this could be done...

Alex V. Koval

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