On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 13:06, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:
> > BDBMininalStorage is no longer maintained and doesn't do any "conflict
> > resolution".  
> Why this. I was told some time ago we should use BDBMinimalStorage to 
> fix the conflict problems. 

When was that and who told you so?

> > Even though you'll need to pack frequently, you might want
> > to try a FileStorage instead.
> There is no difference between BDB Storage and Filestorage regarding 
> the conflicts. 


> > Regardless, using ZEO will presumably always generate more conflict
> > errors than using a "local" ZODB because the commit time is longer, and
> > thus there's a better chance that two threads will be committing at the
> > same time.
> The bottom line is that there is no way of getting an shared session 
> running.

It works doesn't it?  You just get conflict errors, right?  Conflict
errors are normal at a certain level.

> Why isnÂt there an implementation of temporary storage for ZEO

There is, just use the "tempstorage" package from Zope.
> I dont care about conflit resolution. Its only session data.

For better or worse, because it is based on ZODB, the implementation
makes you need to care.

> I simply 
> need a shared session storage. But as Far as i can see the is no way 
> of doing this.

I don't understand.  You seem to have it working.  Is performance the

>  Are we the only site out there running Plone2 (Placeless
> transaltion Service) at that scale. How do others handle there Session 

AFAIK Zope is the only appserver that even makes an attempt at allowing
session data to be shared between servers like this.  Most other
appservers require you to set up "session affinity" in your load
balancer and have a session database on each appserver.

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