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I recently reworked Anthony Baxter's SQLSessions product for a consulting customer, essentially modernizing the code and making it compliant with the new Sessions interface (I dropped the bits which do the work currently done by BrowserIDManager). It took me about six hours or so, including writing unit tests. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that code, due to the nature of the consulting arrangement.

What I would like to do is revisit the effort, using the new PluginRegistry code released as part of the PluggableAuthService release; I am, however, pretty well booked up for the next few weeks. I would be glad to advise anybody who felt called to take on such an effort, however.
I do not know whether I understand this email correctly. So mabe I am off topic.
We would like to use thre PluggableAuthService to replace a userfolder that authenticates against a an email server (calling a web service to do so) and then caches authentification and other user info in a session.
So we would like to dig into what both of you seem not to have time to do.
How can we get at PluggableAuthService?
I did not find it anywhere.

The PluggableAuthService product is available in CVS:

It depends on the PluginRegistry product:

Both are "releasable", but not yet released (I just reminded Zac to cut the release tarballs). PAS has a SessionAuthHelper plugin which should serve as a model for the part of your problem which revolves around the session; you would need to write an "authenticator" plugin which validated credentials against your web service.

And we would of course gladly accept Tres offer for advise.

I was referring to using the PluginRegistry, which is a lower-level utility, to (re)write the SQLSessions product, which needs to be "pluggable" in order to accomodate different backends. The PIR is a Zope 2 analog to the Zope 3 "local utility" service: it stores a perstent map of the plugins registered / activated for a set of application-defined plugin interfaces.

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