Tres Seaver wrote:
> We should have a 'hasattr-geddon' and remove every trace of that 
> monstrosity from Zope and the CMF;  likewise a 'bareexcept-geddon' 
> (there might be a few places which are smart enough to do 'except:', but 
> I doubt it).

Now its not a geddon by any means, but the code I wrote and offered in
bug 911 fixes 3 (iirc) bare excepts, a couple of privacy holes,
several bugs, and adds some enhancements that my tests have shown are
basically backwards compatible with everything out there (though I
didn't realize at the time CMF had a cache manager of its own and I'm
not sure how they interact).  Its been a year now since I offered that
code and I haven't gotten so much as a comment on it.  Maybe its time
to wander over and give it a look?

Jamie Heilman           
"You came all this way, without saying squat, and now you're trying
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