Evan Simpson wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I've posted two proposals:


Proposes a mechanism for easily using adapters in TALES expressions.

I'm not at all clear on how the proposed mechanism is superior to the implementation of path segment prefixes that exists in Zope 2. This
differs from the namespace proposal that you cite, in that the object named on the left of the colon is not a namespace or adapter. It is simply a registered name that is associated with code that interprets the text to the right of the colon. This allows constuctions such as "a/sequence/index:2" (a.sequence[2]), "a/bag/var:x/call:" (a.bag[x]()), and "an/object/adapt:foo.bar" (foo.bar(an.object)).

I thought you had proposed this, but I couldn't find a proposal or documentation.

You say this is implemented in Zope 2? Where is it documented?


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