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On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 10:53:35AM +0200, robert rottermann wrote:

Paul Winkler wrote:

I'm trying to figure out how to mount my main storage read-only
with zope 2.7.0. I'm starting to suspect that it's impossible.


we had a simmilar problem. Eventually we spved it by patching zope.
However I am not sure whether the problem was caused by Products (we do it for a plone site ) or by Zope itself.

what we changed is on a windows box that is not running under linux. thats why I do not include it here. However I can rboot that machine and send it to you if you like.

Please do! That would be much appreciated. Thanks!

sorry that it took so long.
I just booted my server under windows to get at what adaptations we did, however I found out that I do not have the code on that computer.
However it was something allong the line dieter suggested.

I am however interested what your findings with Formulator is.

We have a very strange problem with the CD we create. A Product of ours that is based on Archetypes is not initialized correctly. We have to first refresh Archetypes and then our product from the ZMI.

If you have an idea what could be the problem he: Hints are welcome.


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