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Heimo Laukkanen wrote:

I am hitting my head agains wall - and witnessing strange behaviour, where after time most of load focuses only to one thread. I am not sure what is the cause of this, but so far we have seen different things before load has concentrated to one single thread.

We also have this behaviour, but I have thought that it was our overusage of DCOracle2 connections that was the culprit, along with out bad TTW code.

Do you use any DA, nad have long running SQL queries?

Yes, extensively. We use DCOracle2 that had to be patched to work with UTF-8. And we combine it with badly scripted code too. We started to do prototype by using own Archetypes storage layer that stores data from content objects to the Oracle database in certain format - so every access to an object actually creates a load of queries to the Oracle database.

Connections to the databse are handled by the Oracle adapter in Zope, so we have not done any own connections but rather just run queries through Zope adapter.

We have no fix for this, but have resigned to do restarts every now and then. We use Zope 2.5.1, Redhat 7.3

How did you debug or pinpoint the culprit to be DCOracle connection?

Have you tried cx_Oracle?


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