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We use a lot of queries (minimum 10-15) for each request, accros around 7 DA connected to various Oracle schemas. Most of the queries are fairsly simple, but there are a couple of queries that are often used that are just plain bad, however they are so bad that it is very difficult to fix them.

Ok. In our case we use very simple queries, but this stupid code generates a lot of those. One thing to do is to throw away stupidity and Archetypes tsorage layer that is an bad idea - and put object to flush and read it's data from the oracle only when actually necessary.

Chris withers has done some work in improving DCOracle2's connections and general bug-fixning. If you haven't used it, grab the latest DCOracle2 from cvs - it is much better.

We did take it from CVS. Has there been much work on lately?

We see this behaviour mostly under heavy load - many users accessing the database all the time. Using the latest DCOracle and improving parts of our code has removed a lot of the problems, however it believe it is still unclcear what the problem is - in our setting, my stance is that we have only cured the symptoms, not the real problems...

Sounds familiar.

Have you tried cx_Oracle?

No I was not aware that they had a Zope adaptor.

Well Dieter and others suggested that it should be doable to to write adaptor based on any python db api compliant adaptor - either using DCOracle, psycopg or similar as base. However since I've never done that kind of work before I am reluctant to take the step and be bitten, hence the question if you have had more courage.


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