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Ok. In our case we use very simple queries, but this stupid code generates a lot of those. One thing to do is to throw away stupidity and Archetypes tsorage layer that is an bad idea - and put object to flush and read it's data from the oracle only when actually necessary.

I agree. We cannot do it however, because ost of my code is mostly TTW, so w have no custom obejcts. However, this is a good strategy in gerenal - do not read from external soruces unless it is necessary...

Chris withers has done some work in improving DCOracle2's connections and general bug-fixning. If you haven't used it, grab the latest DCOracle2 from cvs - it is much better.

We did take it from CVS. Has there been much work on lately?

not that I am aware of. (I haven't checked :)
Have you tried cx_Oracle?

No I was not aware that they had a Zope adaptor.

Well Dieter and others suggested that it should be doable to to write adaptor based on any python db api compliant adaptor - either using DCOracle, psycopg or similar as base. However since I've never done that kind of work before I am reluctant to take the step and be bitten, hence the question if you have had more courage.

No, sorry. For me, this too is beyond what I can do at the moment, mostly due to time constraints. Hiopefully this will chagne as more people become invlved with Zope at my work...


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