Ian Bicking wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

One disadvantage I see with the cast notation is that it's
a bit jarring in:


as the adapter is applied to a/b/c. The order just doesn't
seem quite right.

That is indeed jarring, especially since c isn't an object, it's just a name, and a/b/c is the object in question. This would look somewhat better with the current : mechanism, like a/b/c:adapter/d

My concern with this use of : was that it looked like it should be parsed like (a/b/c):(adapter/d), as opposed to ((a/b/c):adapter)/d -- maybe using something other than : wouldn't imply this grouping. Or maybe if I got used to it the grouping would seem more natural. I guess my intuition is that / binds more closely than : (even if there isn't any real precedence at all in TAL expressions).

Yes, this is another issue. I have the same problem, somehow, with "foo/bar->dc/title". That is "/" seems to bind more closely than "->", probably because it's skinnier. :) I don't have this problem with ":".

Another option is to modify the "/". For example, Evan sugested "/*", as in




Sandly, nothing really jumps out as the best syntax.

So far, I like:


the best.


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