Casey Duncan wrote:
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Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

I've posted two proposals:

Proposes a mechanism for easily using adapters in TALES expressions.

proposes a mechanism for qualifying names defined in TAL and used in
TALES expressions.

Based on initial comments, I've retracted ZPTVariableNamespaces and updated:

I've thrown out a few more spellings for adapter use:

ob->adaptername context->dc/title

Hmm, C style, kinda nice, except the use of angle brakets might make
like difficult.

">" is not a problem. "<" would be a probkem.

It really is hard for me to see the intended order of
execution of this as well. It reads "context to dublin core, get title".

That's exactly right. The order, left to right, is very simple.

The problem with:


is that the order is: skip one, right to left, then left to right. The order is
more complicated, except that there is an alternative left to right
interpretation ...

Having dublin core go first makes more sense to me so it would read
"with the dublin core of context, get title".

So, here you thinking of this as:

  start with the dublin core protocol
  adapt it from context
  get title


One disadvantage I see with the cast notation is that it's
a bit jarring in:


as the adapter is applied to a/b/c. The order just doesn't
seem quite right.

It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess. This says to me "d of c
(modified by adapter) of b of a".

Wow :)

But this seems wrong. It's really "(c of b of a) modified by adapter".


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