Chris Withers wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

Yup. We implemented:


...which to me says:

"take adapter, apply to it object with name as a parameter"

That's close to the meaning of Even Simpson's Zope 2 ':' extension. Which is why we don't want to use this syntax for adapters.

...what I'd like it to say would give meaning to:


...meaning apply the title adapter from the zapi package to my_content_object, which was where I left things last time I came close to understanding Zoppe 3.

Well, what we did in bristol, enabled:


Which really gets a special adapter named "zope"
which exposes zapi-like functionality for ZPT.

What's the equivalent to that in today's Zope 3 land?

What I described still works. But we want to pick a different syntax, like:


which is equivalent to:


and, in fact, you can say just:


I'm afraid neither of those means anything to me so your equivalency makes so sense :-S

right, which is why we want to pick a different syntax.

Steve pointed out some problems with the syntax, which
the above examples should make obvious.

Hurm :-S Don't suppose you have a use for that off hand?

Use for what?


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