Can Script(Python) objects be given arbitrary arguments, with either 
the *name or **name style of argument passing from Python? What about 
Product methods?

I've been trying to get this to work for a while now, and my tests and 
searches seem rather futile. If I write a Script with arguments

foo, *args


foo, **dict

and call it with a url like .../Test?foo=abc&bar=def&baz=ghi

and print the arguments, the foo variable has the correct value, but 
the args/dict variable is just an empty tuple or dictionary 
(respectively). The REQUEST variable does contain keys 'foo', 'bar', 
and 'baz', but the args/dict variables never get them. Pretty much the 
same thing happens when I try to do the same in a Product method.

So what is the deal?

Thank You =)


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