alan runyan wrote:
Alan, does that address your concerns?


One of the big questions that I believe is open is how to
use more of in Zope 2 - specifically Schema/Widgets.  I heard
that Zope Corp. is using this in some projects.

I think we should not be squeemish about using Widgets are the main reason that we are using Zope 3 in Zope 2. I would like to see most of the widget code get lifted up out of This is of general interest (not just z2).

So - I asked if people to do some CMF/Plone implementation of Views
in certain aspects.  I am up for creating a Supplement to Plone to bolts on
some of the technologies and uses it.  Maybe specifically using it for
doing in-place versioning.  I urge the communities to use Plone or maybe a
fork of it (or the CMF) to be a playground.  Like Idle forked to land some
major features for Python.  Then it can be integrated back into subsequent

I'll note that there is an opportinuty for CMF-based systems that might not be interesting to Five. Specifically, the obvious fact that the mechanisms in the CMF are similar to those in Zope 3. It should be possible to create a new kind of CMF layer that does view lookup.


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