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> [Mohsen Moeeni]
> > Fristly excuse me for cross-posting. Actually, I did not like to be the
> > person who comes this up however the amount of spams which is propagated
> > thru the lists is annoying. I wonder why the guys at Zope Inc. does not
> > tweak the list settings so posting is only allowed by the members.
> Perhaps just the weight of history, and/or trying to keep the barriers to
> participation as low as possible.  Speaking as zodb-dev's list admin, I'd be
> happy to restrict posting to members, *if* people don't object to the idea.
> I spend an increasingly resented part of each day doing list-admin triage
> (for zodb-dev and about 6 other mailing lists).

And, just like me, some time to delete your spams. :-)
> A predictable irritation is that Mailman's answer to "member?" is based on
> the posting's sender's email address, but many people post from more than
> one account.

How many people? I think just a few of them use multiple addresses
to comminucate on a particular list. BTW, why should one receive
an email in one account/identity and use another account/identity
to reply? (When I think it only makes sense for the posts which
are the first in the thread)

IMHO, it's better to prohibit the spams, but if that makes
some barriers for people and if this is what most members
want, then certainly I can live with it. :-)


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