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Dieter Maurer wrote:
Your problem can be summarized by "storing acquisition wrappers
(of persistent objects) across requests".

You cannot store them in the ZODB as acquisition wrappers cannot
be stored there. Currently, the ZODB silently unmantles
acquisition wrappers. They may be rebound on access -- but
this will not give you the original acquisition context and
behaviour can be drastically different.

hello, again,

I have rearranged in my product now, so that I pass along dictionaries
to populate the classes and using a cmf-tool to provide the interface
for the various methods of the classes.

I am returning objects wrapped in __of__(self), ie.

   class Person(Acquisition.Implicit):
      def __init__(self data):

   PersonObject = Person(data).__of__(self)
   return PersonObject

If I want to pickle, store and later reuse PersonObject, I suspect that
this also creates a similar to my original one, where I wanted to store
ZODB-references in the PersonObject.

So should I, when pickling and storing the PersonObject, store


rather than just PersonObject?



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