Hi Tim,

Tim Peters wrote:
I'd be
happy to restrict posting to members, *if* people don't object to the idea.

I wouldn't ever even /expect/ to be able to submit from a non-member address...

I spend an increasingly resented part of each day doing list-admin triage
(for zodb-dev and about 6 other mailing lists).


"reject" is the no-manual-intervention default action, but it would place a
new burden on members posting from non-member accounts (their posts would be
rejected, at least until they asked the list admin to add their other
posting accounts to Mailman's list of non-members to accept -- and they
would need to do that on a per-list basis).

...and I wouldn't expect the list admin to take special measures for me either - I'd expect to have to subscribe from two addresses and deal with the dupes if I wanted to send from two addresses. Does Mailman have a "nomail" facility that subscribers could set /themselves/ on secondary accounts?

In gentler times, your concern would be wonderful - in the current climate, you'll drown if you can't automate it. Save yourself, while you can!





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