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My object really exist and I check the getPath path : it's a correct path.

When I use CatalogBrains.py of Zope2.7.0 on a Zope2.7.1b1,
my object is correctly returned. The changes in the version of
CatalogBrain= s.py in Zope2.7.1b1 can't find my existing object with a
good path. I think=  there is a problem here. =

I just alert a potential bug for the zope-dev community.

I would really appreciate if you could provide a reproducable testcase. Otherwise
it is unlikely that this will be fixed (for 2.7.1 final). Guessing is one thing, providing
reasonable evidence is another thing. As Zope 2.7 release manager I am interested to
have such bugs fixed *but* I don't have time to figure out for *you* what might be the
problem on *your* system.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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