Martijn Faassen wrote:
alan runyan wrote:

Alan, does that address your concerns?

Just understand that the Five approach is still being developed, so
there's nothing to "adopt" yet. :)  But I certainly encourage folks to
participate and help Martijn figure out what the approach should be.

Raphael, I think its great that Jim responded. Now we (collectively) need to get some usage out of Five.

Jim, Thanks for explaining ZC's position re: FrankenZope or backporting
CA into Zope2.  One of the big questions that I believe is open is how to
use more of in Zope 2 - specifically Schema/Widgets.  I heard
that Zope Corp. is using this in some projects.

Note that FrankenZope is going to go for the new way of Interface integration last I heard (Five's way); the FrankenZope style setup to make interfaces work is not needed anymore since the changes to zope.interface that I did. This new approach works in straight 2.7.

I also heard rumors that FrankenZope's use of schema/widgets is actually an evolved branch of an earlier version of Zope 3. Five's mission is to integrate Zope 3 into Zope 2 as much a possible without having to change either. Of course this is not always possible, but it's an important goal. That said, I'm sure we could learn more from FrankenZope's experiences in that area if someone would to speak up about this.

Can we please stop using this name in writing? It is funny, but not very reassuring to outsiders. :)


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