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> [Mohsen Moeeni]
> > Fristly excuse me for cross-posting. Actually, I did not like to be
> > the person who comes this up however the amount of spams which is
> > propagated thru the lists is annoying. I wonder why the guys at Zope
> > Inc. does not tweak the list settings so posting is only allowed by
> > the members.
> Perhaps just the weight of history, and/or trying to keep the barriers
> to participation as low as possible.  Speaking as zodb-dev's list
> admin, I'd be happy to restrict posting to members, *if* people don't
> object to the idea. I spend an increasingly resented part of each day
> doing list-admin triage(for zodb-dev and about 6 other mailing lists).
> A predictable irritation is that Mailman's answer to "member?" is
> based on the posting's sender's email address, but many people post
> from more than one account.  If you want the default action for
> non-member posts to be"hold for review", I won't do it -- I can't
> afford the additional time sink."reject" is the no-manual-intervention
> default action, but it would place a new burden on members posting
> from non-member accounts (their posts would be rejected, at least
> until they asked the list admin to add their other posting accounts to
> Mailman's list of non-members to accept -- and they would need to do
> that on a per-list basis).

Another issue is posting from Gmane, which I am doing right now.
Although that may look like a post from me to mailman, I dunno.


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