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On Jun 15, 2004, at 8:41 PM, Tim Peters wrote:

[Mohsen Moeeni]
Fristly excuse me for cross-posting. Actually, I did not like to be the
person who comes this up however the amount of spams which is propagated
thru the lists is annoying. I wonder why the guys at Zope Inc. does not
tweak the list settings so posting is only allowed by the members.

Perhaps just the weight of history, and/or trying to keep the barriers to
participation as low as possible. Speaking as zodb-dev's list admin, I'd be
happy to restrict posting to members, *if* people don't object to the idea.
I spend an increasingly resented part of each day doing list-admin triage
(for zodb-dev and about 6 other mailing lists).

A predictable irritation is that Mailman's answer to "member?" is based on
the posting's sender's email address, but many people post from more than
one account. If you want the default action for non-member posts to be
"hold for review", I won't do it -- I can't afford the additional time sink.
"reject" is the no-manual-intervention default action, but it would place a
new burden on members posting from non-member accounts (their posts would be
rejected, at least until they asked the list admin to add their other
posting accounts to Mailman's list of non-members to accept -- and they
would need to do that on a per-list basis).

They can just subscribe their other addresses and set them nomail in the mailman interface. Things have gotten out of hand, I don't think it's possible to run a mailing list that allows nonmember posting any more.

That said, could the reject message be set to include text saying something to the effect of "spammers make it impossible to allow non-members to post to this list. Please go to ____ to sign up your address and resend your message. If you already have an address subscribed to the list, go sign this one up and set it nomail in the mailman interface"

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