Ken Manheimer wrote:

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Andrew Sawyers wrote:

Ken Manheimer wrote:

What proportion of the list traffic comes from valid members who are posting from alternate accounts?

A huge percentage was - I don't know how much is making it through to the lists though. I'm hearing a lot of complaints from people either third party, seeing it in IRC or from emails off the lists.

I've recently added an increased amount of header and body checks which were not being applied yesterday as well as increased spam reject features. This should help - in any event now that it's being blocked at the MTA, Mailman's load on the server has went from 2 -3 to ~.5 on the server in the last hour.

Huh? I was specifically talking about the legitimate postings, "valid members who are posting from alternate accounts", sounds like you're talking about spam.

Yeah, I was. Misunderstood. Others will have to answer this for themselves. I've said my peace - so that's enough for me.

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