Tim Peters wrote at 2004-6-29 00:31 -0400:
> ...
>> Meanwhile, I checked that "fork" under Linux with LinuxThreads
>> behaves with respect to threads as dictated by the POSIX
>> standard: the forked process has a single thread and
>> does not inherit other threads from its parent.
>> I will soon check how our Solaris version of Python behaves.
>> If this, too, has only one thread, I will apologize for
>> the premature warning...

The same is true for Python 2.3.3 generated on Solaris
without specification of any specific thread library.

It may however be that "gcc" has a preference for the "pthreads"

> ...
>> The ZEO client has the basic structure:
>>    while 1:
>>          work_to_do = get_work(...)
>>          for work in work_to_do:
>>              pid = fork()
>>              if pid == 0:
>>                 do_work(work)
>>                 # will not return
>>          sleep(...)
>> "do_work" opens a new ZEO connection.
>> "get_work" and "do_work" use "asyncore.poll" to synchronize with incoming
>> messages from ZEO -- no "asyncore.mainloop" around.
>> The "poll" in "do_work" has stolen ZEO invalidation messages
>> destined for the parent such that "get_work" has read old state
>> and returned work items already completed. That is the problem
>> I saw.
>Well, don't do that then <wink>.
>> All this is easy to understand, (almost) platform independent
>> and independant of the thread library.
>I still wouldn't say it's easy to understand.  While the thread that
>calls fork isn't running an asyncore loop, it must still be the case
>that asyncore in the parent has a non-empty map -- yes?

Sure, set up by "ZEO.ClientStorage" to receive invalidation
messages in anticipation that
either a "mainloop" runs or someone calls "poll".

>If it had an
>empty map, the child processes would start with a clean slate (map),
>and so wouldn't pick up socket traffic meant for the parent.
>If that's so, it looks like just clearing asyncore's map in the child
>(before do_work()) would solve the (main) problem.

That indeed was the solution for my immediate problem...

However, I did not only think at my own problem but also
what damage this could make for others. And I had read
this imprecise "fork" manual page -- which suggested
danger for all forking applications with "mainloop"...

Thanks to your replies, I now have bookmarked these
excellent "opengroup.org" specifications. I will consult
them when I will have the next POSIX semantics question...

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