Fred Drake wrote:

On Friday 02 July 2004 02:21 am, Chris Withers wrote:
 > Well, the automatically generated runzope still includes INSTANCE_HOME and
 > SOFTWARE_HOME, hence my question...
 > Can those variables be dropped from the template script?

They were dropped, also back when I added App.config.

I've looked back through the CVS history for both zopectl and runzope, and they've both been in them since day 1...

in later. You should dig through the CVS log for clues as to why, asking the committer of that change if the log doesn't say why.

Fred, why? ;-)

You can also rip those variable out of the script and make sure everything still works.

I'm going to give it a go.

For what it's worth, I think they should go if at all possible. If 3rd party stuff is relying on them, it needs to be changed, I don't see why Zope should have confusing cruft (HOW many places do I need to set these variable?!) lying around...

THAT said, thinking about it, you need to know where the .conf file is, and that's usually off the INSTANCE_HOME, and we need to know where are, and they're off the SOFTWARE_HOME. So these variables are kinda needed in the start script in one form or another. Which means, and I know how you feel about this, that to get them in one place, we'd need some way of telling ZConfig "get this value from the environment variable x".

Is it really so bad if ZConfig grew a directive to that effect? I'd certainly not want anything magical to happen, but a way to explicitly say, in the .conf file, that this value is take from the environment, how about:

%environment INSTANCE

...which would work just like a $define, except getting its value from the environment?



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