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This question is from a Zope newbie, who gets a little confused when trying to write a product for Zope.
My product fetches a lot of picture information, and this information shall be viewed in a fotogallery (the viewer is made as a ZPT)
My question is really simple then:
When I write this product in python, how could I generate a zope image object of each of the pictures in the db. The part I am interested in is how I can access and create zope objects from python. Which classes do I have to inherit from?
-Tor Oskar Wilhelmsen


the zope developer guide (ZDG) is your friend, this chapter perhasp in particular.

the ZDG goes on about interfaces in it's first chapters. Yo donot need to use Interfaces if you do not want to, but they are very handy. Note that the ZDG is for 2.4, but it should work fairly OK.

The ZGD is a good companion to the Zope Book when developing products.

Hope this helps.


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