Tor Oskar Wilhelmsen wrote:
I'm using the code below to fetch an image from a database, and for inserting the 
image as an Image object in ZOPE. The strange thing is that the code causes python to 
crash, but sometimes it work (for 1 of 10 or something like that). Im using Python 
2.3.3 for Windows and Zope 2.7.0 for windows. I don't get any indication about what 
causing the error, but testing leaves me with an error on the code below. Does anyone 
know what  I have done wrong?

imthumb =[3])) #pic[3] is the blob from the db
imthumb.thumbnail(tsize) btfil = StringIO(),"JPEG")
#thumbnail title
thumbnailtitle = str(pic[1])

I suggest you run Zope under gdb, as per:

which should give you some sense of what in particular is crashing.

I also don't know what that '.thumbnails' bit is doing in your invocation of the product / factory dispatcher. If the intent is to have the image created in the 'thumbnails' subfolder of 'self', then I would spell your invocation as:

  dispatcher = self.thumbnails.manage_addProduct['OFSP']
  dispatcher.manage_addImage( .... )

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