In the 2.6 series I submitted a patch to support specifying the range of tcp ports to 
use on 
the server for pasv ftp transfers.

I still need this functionality, but I see that the "environment variable hack" isn't 

I thought perhaps something in zope.conf would specify this, but it seems not to be 

In fact, I see no clean way to pass port range information from ZServer.FTPServer to 
medusa.ftp_server  (hence why we used an environment variable hack in the past)

For my use case, the pasv port range is always "near" the range used by the listening 
daemon anyway, so a simple solution for me is to look at the control connection port 
and just 
find an open port that is "nearby".

However the better solution, I suppose, is to allow the port range to be specified in 

But what's the best way (architecturally) to cleanly get this information into 
medusa's module?

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