I can't print tracebacks. I'm unfortunatly on a windows system, an whats
happen is tha Python jus quits, with no fault description.

A type(data)  gives me DbiRaw, which is the type of data in the DB

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> [Oskar Wilhelmsen]
> > I have a problem with python 2.3.3 and Zope 2.7.0. When I Execute the
> > below, Python just get som unhandled exceptions, and crash?
> What are (exactly) the "unhandled exceptions"?  Can you paste in
> > from cStringIO import StringIO
> > #pic[3] is a blob in a database
> > data = pic[3]
> >
> > fil = StringIO(str(data)) #this line makes Zope and Python crash!!!!
> Since you later said it didn't matter whether you used StringIO or
> cStringIO, it would be helpful to beak that into two lines:
> temp = str(data)
> fil = StringIO(temp)
> Might also help to print type(data).  Since str() and StringIO() are
> so heavily used, it's unlikely the problem is in either of them.  Most
> likely is a problem in type(data)'s __str__ or __repr__
> implementations.

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