On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 15:28, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Ganesha Shanmuganathan wrote at 2004-7-14 17:26 -0500:
> > ...
> >> Now, we use RewriteMaps only when the map files are very small
> >> (not more than some dozen entries).
> >That is interesting to know. Right now, we use multiple map files but
> >each is small. Is there anyother way to do load balncing with Zope
> >without Rewrite ?
> We use a load balancer (a piece of hardware) for this.
> Alternatively, "pond" (or similar) is a software load balancer
> implemented in Python.
Thanks . I will be sure to check out pond and backhand as well as
mentioned by Jan-Wijbrand.
> >> 
> >> > ... maps with the same name ...
> >> >The problem is the cache treats both the file as the same since they
> >> >have the same name! Hence if you visit foo.com first, the data stored in
> >> >foomap.txt is returned from the cache next time you visit foo.com or
> >> >bar.com. This causes apache to redirect into the wrong zope site.
> >> 
> >> We did not observe this behaviour...
> >btw, Did you use the same map name (like, in different sections maybe)
> >for the different map files.
> Yes. The same map file name mapping to different files in different
> virtual hosts.

That is strange! It looks like a bug in mod_rewrite then. I checked the
source and found that it does compare by map name. Thanks for your


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