Hi Nagarjuna,

Thanks a lot.  Your report that performance enhances due to hashing is
encouraging the decision we took. In our case we already began using
BTreeFolder2, havent tried creating the large object base yet (will do
this week), but we doing something like what you did.  we are creating
alphabetized subfolders, by taking the first char of each id.  Are there
any good popular hashing algorithms?  If we have such a algo then
further subfoldering could be made automatic after a certain number of
objects increase in each folder.  This way large scalable databases can
be created in Zope.

well, a hash is a... hash! :-) You can use any deterministic function to populate your buckets... Just choose one who fits your needs.

The current code that I'm using is available[1], just keep in mind
that it was written after 2 badly slept nights... ;-)




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