Thanks Tim and Chris! - You were both dead on in so many respects.

Chris, There was a correlation with flip in the logs

Tim: looks like once a None occurs it sticks.

Source of the problem was an old cache file (1-None-1) that could not be overwritten by the current uid running Zope. (That's the second stupid permissions problem in as many days. My advice - if you have any kind of cache problems occurring after an initial period, look hard at permissions. Secondly - don't be sloppy and run zope first as one user then as another. Thirdly grep the event logs for IOError first. That's the easiest thing to fix.)

more comments below...

On 23 Jul 2004, at 02:14, Tim Peters wrote:

[Chris McDonough]
I think the problem is related to ZEO client storage "cache flips".

anyway, pointing to None. But this code gives me a headache, and I'm
not sure that can actually happen (despite that I hear you guys saying
it is <wink>).
I was slow interpreting all of this due to separate event files.
This piece of bash script was helpful to get a grip of time order between Clients:

grep ZEC ev*.log | sed 's/:/ /' | sort -k 2 >

a multi-line merge script would be helpful. I'll bet someone's created one.

But then I turned off persistent ZEO client cachefile storage (but omitting
the "zeo-client-name" parameter from zope.conf), believing this would be a
workaround, but it hasn't been. I gave up at that point and that's where I am now.

Did you continue to get errors in the log near cache-flip times? I
don't see a way for checkSize() to screw up unless an unexpected
exception is raised.
2004-07-21T11:35:07 INFO(0) ZEC:1-None-1 flipping cache files. new current = 1
2004-07-21T11:35:07 ERROR(200) ZODB Couldn't load state for 0000000000012323
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/zope/zope271/lib/python/ZODB/", line 559, in setstate
p, serial = self._storage.load(oid, self._version)
File "/usr/local/zope/zope271/lib/python/ZEO/", line 754, in load
File "/usr/local/zope/zope271/lib/python/ZEO/", line 581, in checkSize
self._f[current] = open(self._p[current],'w+b')
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '1-None-1'

My theory is that it will happen as often as a Zope client's ZEO client storage
needs to flip its cache file. The cache file is only flipped when it exceeds a
certain size and it only exceeds a certain size after a certain pattern of usage
causes it to do so (lots of loads from the database of new items, typically).

It appears that once self._f[self._current] is None, all future
attempts by ZEO to store into its client cache will fail the same way.
So I'd be even more surprised if you saw just one of these occur.

It would be nice if you could confirm this. Reading the Zope event log
file of the client that generated the error would be a good start.

The log is everything here. The ZEO client cache logs most relevant
messages at info level, producing msgs starting with "ZEC".

Thanks again for the insights.

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