Gareth Bult wrote:

Actually, this should be rejected. A Zope object without a meta_type has some pretty serious issues ;-)

Interesting statement - not that I disagree .. but my question is - does a Zope that crashes when it could (with a one-line change) be made not to crash have *more* serious issues ? (I guess developers are going to say "no", but I'm a user - I say "yes" !)

your suggested one line change could have implications such as reduced data integrity and other unexpected behaviour.

So, I'd say "yes" too, except your one-line change makes things worse ;-)

fyi; Not that I'm saying it's a proper solution or one that should be
implemented, but I've seen no ill effects in 5 months and around 3
million hits re; the suggested patch.
(which for me is one up on repeated nasty site crashes .. )

*shrugs* I'd personally prefer to make the one line patch in the product that's missing a meta type in it's class definition ;-)


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